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The No 1 Choice In Food Intolerance Testing!

You've tried everything and you still feel sick, low in energy, have difficulty losing weight and seem to be constantly bloated? You do your best to eat well, and you pay attention to the ways that your diet affects your energy levels. But something just seems off. You’re experiencing annoying symptoms that you can’t explain and your are getting more stressed as the days go by! You’re often gassy and bloated, constipated, your skin may not be clear and glowing anymore, you may be ready for a nap after a meal and you wish you could just lose some weight. Also why does your memory feel so foggy?

These issues are frustrating (and often embarrassing). They’re also very common. Many patients come to see us with healthy lifestyles, but are baffled by continuing digestive issues, mysterious rashes, low energy levels and weight gain. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to take a good look at your diet. Even a “healthy” food can make you sick if your body is intolerant to it. For many, the food mystery becomes both frustrating and overwhelming when trying to understand what foods are nourishing you and what foods you are not able to break down and use correctly!

But the good news is that you may not have to look very far to make changes that relieve your symptoms. With a bit of detective work through our testing , and a bit of help, you can map out a dietary plan that restores your wellbeing.

About Our Intolerance Test

Testing your intolerances now, couldn't be easier. It’s simple, send us a small blood sample, this is just a pin prick test and let us do the rest. We screen your sample against 400 foods. Our test results are then sent directly to your email along with a meal plan to get you started on your new way of eating..

Order your test kit securely right here

Once You receive your test kit, take a little blood sample, (just a pin prick from your finger) & return the sample to us for testing.

Get your results within 48 hours of sample received. Check your email for your results and your meal plan!

Stop Suffering with stomach pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhea and get your life back!

Do you want to have lots of energy and feel great again?

Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to beat the bloat and eat what suits your body?


Avail of this one time special off right now for just €99 ! 400 foods tested!

Order now and receive a meal plan absolutely FREE


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Buy your food intolerance testing kit right now for €99 was €179.....

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