Yvonne's Fertility approach is an 8 week program which aims to achieve hormone balance naturally, through the use of herbal medicine, reflexology and nutrition. Yvonne also works alongside couples who are going through IVF and IUI in order to enhance their conventional treatment. The first consultation takes approx an hour in order for us to identify where stagnation or energy blockages may occur. Iridology is used at this point to establish such areas.  Holistic well-being is key to fertility. More and more couples are turning to natural treatment to prepare for, combine with or as an alternative to assisted fertility treatment. Individual Fertility Programmes are devised for each client, combining the following therapies which have had excellent results in the treatment of infertility factors. We welcome couples who are preparing for a pregnancy, undergoing IVF fertility treatment, or IUI.

One in six couples in Ireland experience difficulty in conceiving and official statistics show that one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage. Recent studies have shown that diet and lifestyle are major contributing factors. Yvonne's program aims to focus on the diet and enhance it where necessary. The addition of herbal medicine is always welcomed in our fertility program as it works on naturally balancing hormones helping couples conceive.