The package is for online food intolerance testing only and does not include a face to face consultation at my clinic. If you wish to come to the clinic please see the Food Intolerance Test packages below or call the clinic on 087 057 3098 to book your appointment! 


This package includes 400 foods tested, through blood analysis. Your blood sample will be tested against 400 foods, usining the IgG antibody to identify what foods your body is struggling to digest, causing weight gain, digestive issues, fatigue, skin rashes etc. 



  • Step one: Simply order the testing kit here.
  • Step two: Once you recive your test kit, take a sample of blood via a pin prick with the lancet provided. 
  • Step three: Return the blood sample to us at the address provided 
  • Step four: In 24 - 48 hours check your email for your results.
  • Step five: Start following your new way of eating and start feeling the many benefits in your whole body within days.


Thank you for your order. I look forward to working with you. 

Online Only - Food Intolerance Testing X 400 Foods

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  • We test your hair sample against all 80 items including vitamins, minerals, acids, carbohydrates, proteins plus fats and oils. 200 foods are tested with a small blood sample and a personalised meal plan is created for you.